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About Pelican Puzzles

We are a family owned business based in Naperville, Illinois

Manon Crowley, Co-owner and Puzzle Artist

Pelican Puzzles was started in 2023 by Manon Crowley. After many years in elementary school education, raising a family, fused glass art, and the occasional puzzle assembly, Manon decided to design a puzzle herself, and she fell in love with every aspect of puzzle creation. She now designs all the puzzles in our collection, whether they be hand drawn or photographed by her and then digitally arranged. Puzzles are truly her passion.

Manon Crowley Dissectologist

Tom Crowley, Co-owner

Tom has been a long-time entrepreneur with an acclaimed career in the technology industry, most recently at Google. He is now the co-owner of Pelican puzzles with his wife, Manon.

Daphne_FINAL2 (1).jpeg

Daphne Lyketsos,

Digital Marketing Manager

Daphne is an experienced marketing thought leader with a diverse background in healthcare, finance, and radio industries. Her expertise spans developing strategic campaigns, optimizing brand presence, and driving customer engagement across multiple platforms. We're fortunate to have her on our team!

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