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     Find peace of mind and meaningful connections with Pelican Puzzles. You will connect with family and friends while working together, or connect with your inner thoughts and creativity while working alone. So grab a glass of wine or a cup of tea, dump out the pieces, and let’s begin….

"These puzzles are so much fun! The pieces are all different shapes which keeps it interesting, and the final picture is great with a lot of fun details. I can't wait to make another one!"

                                                     --Elena L., Puerto Rico

You asked and we're delivering! Eight awesome 

new designs are dropping in Spring 2024!

  • 500 pieces

  • Velvety smooth finish--no glare

  • Tight fit--pick them up and show them off when finished!

  • Full size poster included

  • Resealable bag included

  • Sturdy box

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