Ivan Horse Details

Ivan's Leg Close-up

This is a one example of color line cutting. I cut along the line of the central figure's leg and anchored it to the rest of the puzzle with knobs at the hip, thigh, and ankle.

If you get the leg assembled, you have no idea what surrounds it. That's one aspect of how color line cutting increases the difficulty of a puzzle.

Ivan's Head Close-up

Here you can see the cut around the central figure's head and face. It is anchored to the rest of the puzzle by the knob at the tip of his hat.

Tower Close-up

This is a close-up of a section of the tower on the right of the picture. I disguised the knobs that hold this section in place in the tops and bottoms of the pillars on the side. The straight cuts along the top and bottom edges of the section look like edge pieces in the unassembled puzzle - another aspect of color line cutting that makes a puzzle difficult to assemble. If there are a lot of straight internal cuts, it's difficult to start by putting the edge together.